Also, Guinness cake 2019

This is Nigella Lawson’s so-called Guinness cake. It’s a chocolate Guinness cake so it feels about as much Irish as she is. The idea though is to make it look like a glass of Guinness, dark with white foam on top. I know, corny, even the Royal Indian Mounted Police rolled his eyes audibly when I said I was going to make it. He rolled his eyes, my grandmother and possibly my father are rolling in their graves (seems like there’s been quite of that lately), although my dad became more tolerant of Irish festivities as he aged. The traditional standing at the piano weeping while my grandmother played, and we sang, bitter English-hating music seems to have lost its steam after she died and he mellowed about the whole English situation years later.

Anyway it was easy enough to whip out. And looks like something St Patrick himself might have made. 

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