All this fuss and bother

And all I really care about is the stuffing, and potatoes and gravy. 

I cannot tell you how many videos I watched. Not just how to debone, but also how to stuff, how long to roast—do you have any idea how many freaking opinions there are on these topics??! And then the butcher’s knot videos. Jesus H Christ. No wonder I didn’t last long in Boy Scouts I cannot tie a knot. I hate knots. Then there were the recipes and procedures I read, the worrying, handwringing and the occasional (incessant) cursing. 

I really can’t think too much about what this trussed up thing looks like. But despite all of that, the bad knots, the extra hour (!!!!) to roast, the squash I forgot to put in the oven, it was the best turkey I’ve ever had. Hands down. And oh my god…that stuffing!

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