Al dente beans

Cassoulet is not supposed to have crunchy beans. At least so far as my limited knowledge of French cuisine goes. This food at Pastiche in Brown Deer should have been sublime. It tasted great. But the beans were not what they should have been. 

The place, the former River Lane Inn, was pretty charmless. In fact, it was a total snooze. Pastiche in Bay View, its former location was quirky, cute and zippy. Here, up in the north, you could fall asleep glancing at the menu. Fortunately I had the sparkling personality of my friend Judy (of the world renowned BBQ sauce) to zip up the experience. It turned out though, that we hit the old folks dinner hour sweet spot. The place was overrun with seniors. It was fine. I had to get home to watch Wheel of Fortune and then find my Reader’s Digest before I got into bed.

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