A race against time…and raccoons

I have about 3 acres of cantalope vines and hundreds of blossoms but only the one melon that I can see anyway. I don’t know if there’s enough summer left for it to mature and ripen…and then, if that were to miraculously happen, you cannot pick it before it’s ripe because then, well, what’s the point, I can get fake ripe melons at Pick N Save, but you have to let it ripen and then grab it before the raccoons get to it. As child this was a common occurrence and huge let down in our family garden. I hope to prevent this from happening by putting a cage around it. I’m not actually sure if this will stop the raccoons or just give them a fun project in which to engage before they dip in to a tasty treat.

And the irony is that I go out of my way to buy cage free chicken and here I am caging my melon(s).

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