A new twist on a family favorite

The Royal Indian Mounted Police turns his nose up at this delicacy but my sisters will all know how delicious it is. I recently discovered sunflower seed butter and days later in a quest for lunch I settled on a twist on the world renowned peanut-butter-and-pickles-on-crackers. Sunbutter and pickles on street tacos. (I do not know why these little tortillas are called tacos but I cannot question the packaging particularly in a grocery store that until recently had the hispanic, or Latin food aisle named “Spanish foods.” I have to admit I don’t know what exactly it ought to be but I know for sure it ain’t Spanish.)

This taco was muy delicioso en cualquier caso.

2 Replies to “A new twist on a family favorite”

  1. The only ingredient we have here in northern Mexico (California) is the pickles!
    But the combo on the tiny ‘tortilla’ sounds dreadful.

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