A fun household hack

My spices are aging. I mean, aren’t we all? But a certain royal mounted food officer of the law complained about, I’m not sure, ginger or mustard. So, finding myself at the Indian store I picked up a bag of each. When I got home I tried to think of a good use for the not insubstantial amount left in the jars. And then I had an inspiration.

The rabbits pretty much use my yard as a smorgasbord. They even ate my chives. I mean, really?? So with a great deal more hope than the situation seemed to deserve I scattered both the mustard and ginger powder all over the lawn where they spend many languid hours indiscriminately leaving little piles of poop hither and yon. I realize this was a long shot and won’t really solve my rabbit problems. It might even create some.

I’ll look out there and see them eating the grass with chopsticks. And then if I were my friend Judy I’d rush out with soy sauce and fortune cookies.

3 Replies to “A fun household hack”

  1. YOu’re lucky to only have little piles of bunny shit. My bunnies poop as they exhale. But if that works, LMK. Last summer, my backyard was a graveyard of tomatoes missing one bite.

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