90, 32, 18

The annual tradition in Manhattan Beach, CA, a blind wine tasting upon arrival began with brown paper wrapped bottles. We had no idea what was what. The three we tasted, to me anyway, weren’t sufficiently different to warrant the huge price difference, $18 to $90. I’d have been very happy with the $18 bottle which is actually $5 more than I generally like to pay for wine.

The larger issue here is that more expensive wines make me want more expensive wine. It’s a dangerous game to play.

Like a dog in an apartment, I used to be just perfectly happy with $10 Sterling Cabernet until one day my brother-in-law Peter (the Madison Peter) showed up with a $15 bottle of Rodney Strong and then that was that. Now, the California Peter brother-in-law, is trying to bankrupt me.

Andronicus $32

Coup de Foudre $90 (Love at First Sight, I happen to know [the tooth sucking sound])

Rodney Strong $18 (but not my usual Rodney Strong)

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